Data protection and Analytics - is that possible?

As the owner of a website, you want to get a comprehensive picture of the visitors on your website. With the GDPR, this is becoming more of a balancing act.

Google and Privacy
Published on 19. June 2023

The ever-growing use of content blockers poses major problems for many website operators. Web analytics data is becoming increasingly unreliable and provides inaccurate information about the number of hits and usage of content. Promatur aims to address this problem and solve it efficiently. SC-Analytics offers a sophisticated combination of traditional server-side and popular client-side web analytics. This way, the disadvantages of one method are solved by the other. SC-Analytics makes it possible to achieve 100% coverage of page views and eCommerce data, and still capture interesting data such as content interactions. For storage and processing, SC-Analytics uses proven providers such as Google Analytics or the privacy-friendly alternative Matomo.

SC-Analytics is available to all users for free via the open-source GitHub repository.
Promatur will gladly advise you free of charge and support you with the integration.