Data protection and Analytics - is that possible?

1. February 2022

As the owner of a website, you want to get a comprehensive picture of the visitors on your website. With the GDPR, this is becoming more of a balancing act.

Data protection and Analytics - is that possible?

Every website visitor can issue a warning for misconfigured websites with Google Analytics and Co. (LG Dresden, judgment of 11.01.2019, 1a O 1582/18). This results in warning costs of almost 600€! Even as an inexperienced website owner, you can protect yourself against simple risks, but you usually lack the time and the necessary expert knowledge to take care of everything.

Due to privacy concerns, more and more users block trackers and falsify the results of the analysis tools. In Germany, about every 3rd user is not properly tracked. To solve this problem, Promatur developed a technique to get a 100% picture of your visitors without sacrificing privacy.

While almost everyone has heard of anonymizeIp, a not insignificant amount of website operators do not use this feature. An even larger percentage has not signed a data processing contract with Google. Without such a contract, the use of Google Analytics is illegal. This can result in significant penalties since the introduction of the GDPR. The maximum penalty is 20 million euros or 4% of annual turnover - whichever is higher.

Alternatives to Google Analytics

Due to the growing criticism of Google Analytics, free and privacy-friendly alternatives are becoming more and more popular. Matomo, Countly or Koko Analytics help you and your company comply with laws and avoid warnings. Promatur takes care of setting up these systems and enables a seamless switch.