Envisioning a New Reality: Promatur's Pioneering Work in 3D Web Design for VR and AR

Get a glimpse of the future with Promatur, pioneering the transition of websites into 3D experiences for Virtual and Augmented Reality. Unleash the future of web interactions and make your business truly stand out.

A user viewed from the back in a scenic Landscape standing in front of a large screen with 3D website components coming out of the screen. Digital Art.
Published on 20. June 2023

As technology evolves, so do our digital experiences. From the simplicity of black and white TV to the vivid, interactive world of smartphones, and now towards the captivating domain of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR), we continue to innovate and adapt.

Promatur, as an innovation driver, is now at the forefront of this exciting technological shift. We're looking ahead and seeing how VR and AR - the components of Extended Reality (XR) - can transform the way we experience websites.

Our founder recently crafted a Master's thesis titled, "Bringing Any Website to the Metaverse: An Approach for Automated 3D Depth Detection of Website Components". Don't let the technical language intimidate you. In essence, he developed a groundbreaking method to transform flat, 2D websites into immersive 3D experiences for VR and AR.

Adapting to these Extended Reality technologies has traditionally been cost-prohibitive for many businesses. Our innovative blueprint, however, outlines an automatic approach to introduce 3D elements to websites, creating a richer and more engaging experience for users.

By adding depth to your website's elements, we're not just improving aesthetics - we're transforming the user experience. Immersive 3D elements let users participate in the content their viewing. 

This vision for the future of web design is becoming increasingly relevant with the upcoming release of Apple's Vision Pro in 2024, a revolutionary XR headset set to take the tech world by storm. The shift to 3D content isn't just a trend, it's an imminent reality.

While our 3D web design technology is still in the blueprint phase, the positive feedback from early testing is incredibly promising. Users found the 3D-enhanced websites much more interactive and engaging, paving the way for a future where flat, 2D websites are a thing of the past.

At Promatur, we're not just dreaming about the future; we're actively shaping it. Our roadmap clearly reflects our ambition to lead in this space, giving your business a competitive edge as the XR revolution gains momentum.

Join us in pioneering this digital frontier. As we navigate this exciting new chapter in technology, Promatur is committed to helping your business keep pace, lead, and stand out. Embrace the future of web design with us, and let's explore the incredible potential that VR and AR have to offer.